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Tampa Gold Club
The Rays’ Evan Longoria calls the show to talk Baseball, his HOT girlfriend, and Inter-Dimensional Masturbation.
Spanish nervously interviews the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno.
WWE superstar CM PUNK and the nineteenth WWE Triple Crown champion called the Cowhead Show to talk Wrestlemania.
Vinny Lecavalier called the Cowhead Show to talk about his charity called "Cut for the Cure" and Spanish may be getting HIS head shaved because of it...
Jay Mohr called in to the show to talk about his heat with Cowhead and to apologize for being a douche.
Ryan Malone from the Tampa Bay Lightning called in to the Cowhead Show to talk about his “Enable America” Charity Event, Fighting PK Suban, and his abs.
Penn Jillette called into the Cowhead Show to talk about his show at the Mahaffey, Porn, Politics and 92 year old naked chicks.
The beautiful Adult Film Superstar Bibi Jones stopped by the studio and you benefit from this! Check her out... (NSFW)
Artie Lange called into the Cowhead Show to talk about the Super Bowl, douchebags on radio row and his new hit song about Boston

UFC Middle Weight fighters Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping together on The Cowhead Show days before their fight on Fox.
AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson called the show to talk about racing, rocking and retirement.
Just when you think their karaoke couldn't get any worse, they take it a step further! I present to you Cowhead Show Karaoke: WDUV Edition
The Newest addition to the Rays Lineup, Luke Scott, calls in to the Cowhead Show for his first Tampa interview.  Luke discusses his training, his days as the Venezuelan Home Run Monster, and Killing a Boar with a Spear!”
Actor James Woods called in to the Cowhead Show to talk about his appearance at the Ringling College Digital Filmmaking Lab, his love of Poker and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape! Here's a look at James from the other side of the phone.
Shaggy is not a big enough guest for the Cowhead Show, so we had Glendale talk to him instead…  Glendale interviews Shaggy!
Lisa Lampanelli calls the Cowhead Show to talk about Celebrity Apprentice, her fight with NBC, and how gays don’t know when Super Bowl Sunday is
Cow’s good Twitter friend Donald Trump Jr. calls the show to talk about HIS hair, the New Season of Celebrity Apprentice and Masterbating late at night.
Although it LOOKS like a happily gay couple, it's actually Danny McBride (Kenny Power from Eastbound and Down) and childhood friend and Cowhead Show fan, TM Powell with a quick message to Cowhead.
George Takei calls The Cowhead Show to talk about the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, “Twink” Clay Aiken, and what Cow needs to do to be his boyfriend
Howie Mandel calls The Cowhead Show to talk about his show at the Capital Theatre, his new show Mobbed, and Howard Stern coming to America’s Got Talent.
Former WWE superstar Chyna called The Cowhead Show to LIE, again, about her rape allegations against X-Pac!
Bob Saget calls the show to talk about Cowhead making a suit of his skin, Artie Lange, and John Stamos’ masturbating habits.

Lead singer of Judas Priest, Rob Halford calls the Cowhead Show to talk about playing the Amphitheatre, his Male AND FEMALE groupies, AND hooking up with our Bi-sexual midget DIGGLER backstage at the show
Since his departure from The Howard Stern Show over a year ago, Artie Lange has done two interviews…  one with David Letterman and one with Cowhead.
Danny McBride, better known as the great Kenny Powers, called in to talk about the new season of Eastbound and Down and more.
The Huntington Beach Bad Boy Tito Ortiz called the show to talk about his upcoming UFC fight and crushed Cowhead's fantasies about having a threesome with Tito's porn star woman, Jenna Jameson.
Buccaneer Davin Joseph called into the Cowhead Show today to discuss the end of the NFL lockout, where he MAY want to play next season and being the “Scariest Black guy in Football”.
Cowhead finally gets to ask all the burning questions to Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda Hogan.
Kevin James called into The Cowhead Show to talk about his new movie Zookeeper (which is NOT Mr. Popper’s penguins), being sexy enough to wear women’s underwear,  and making out with hot chicks in all his movies.
Darryl Strawberry called The Cowhead Show to talk about “Fight for Autism,” being a minister, and Clockin’ white bitches in the 80’s
One of Cowhead’s idols FONZIE! (Henry Winkler) was on the Show today.
Dave Mishkin, the radio voice of the Lightning, called into The Cowhead Show to talk Lightning playoffs and Screaming while making sweet love to his wife!
Kris Kristofferson called The Cowhead Show to talk about hanging out with Johnny Cash, banging Barbara Streisand, and not to talk abot his big crank.
Cowhead hosted Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour when it came through Tampa. Aside from hearing the warlock himself speak, Roastmaster Jeffrey Ross was on hand and Spanish got the best present ever...
Jason Ellis called The Cowhead Show to talk about his new show “EllisMania” on Fuse TV…

...then the interview took a turn, and Cow and Jason will be fighting.

“The Pitbull” Steve Downie of the Tampa Bay Lightning called in to talk about the upcoming Playoff series with the Penguins and Simon Gagne of the Tampa Bay Lightning called into the Cowhead Show to talk Playoffs, and not having sex during the playoffs. Both of those interviews are here...

Norm Macdonald called into The Cowhead Show from his motorcycle to talk about his new “Sports Show” on Comedy Central
Steve-O comes by the studio to talk about going to Clown College, banging chicks out of his league, and to taze Spanish in the butthole. Check out that video here.
Brock Lesnar called the Cowhead Show to talk about his heat with Undertaker, The Ultimate Fighter, BUT NOT about his tiny hot wife…  Seriously, knock it off.
This is comedian Greg Fitzsimmons Cup of Poop!!!
This is Cameron Spurback…a zoo worker accused of molesting a 9 yr old boy. BEWARE...
Tommy Lee called the Cowhead Show to talk about their Summer tour, banging Lady GaGa, and getting gummers from Grandmothers
Former "Charlie Sheen Goddess" and porn star Kacey Jordan called the Cowhead Show to talk about her experiences with Charlie.
Rock icon Slash was on The Cowhead Show to talk about his show with Ozzy in Tampa, the Superbowl Halftime Show and the love that he and Cowhead shares for iCarly.
Craig Ferguson called The Cowhead Show to talk about Craig Kilborn, his old lady fan club and Muscling out David Letterman.
Cowhead Show Karaoke is back with Karaoke Roulette. We all threw songs in a hat and randomly picked one. Here are the results!
Comedy Legend Joan Rivers calls into The Cowhead Show to talk about her new TV show, her performance with Don Rickles at Ruth Eckerd Hall, that Idiot Jay Leno, and how she doesn’t want to be bothered back stage.
The GREAT Regis Philbin calls into The Cowhead Show to talk about his performance in Sarasota, his retirement announcement, and to sing Sinatra with Cowhead.
Nate Morris, (the “mean one” from Boyz II Men) called The Cowhead Show today to talk about hitting the Jackpot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and playing in Cowhead’s poker tournament.
BJ Upton stopped by The Cowhead Show to talk about his Charity, Black ops, and Evan Longoria’s penis.
The Cowhead Show thinks listener "Mahande" looks a lot like lunatic Jared Loughner. What do you think?
Vincent Pastore, “Big Pussy,” from the Sopranos was in-studio to talk about his Celebrity Biography show at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Acting, and the Old Neighborhood with Cow’s Grandma
“Baba Booey” - Gary Dell’Abate, executive producer of The Howard Stern show, called into The Cowhead Show to talk about his terrible baseball throwing, hanging at a strip club with Cowhead, and his new book “They call me Baba Booey”.
Al Roker called The Cowhead Show to talk about getting fondled at the airport, dancing with Cowhead, and his new book “The Midnight Show Murders”.
Tampa Bay Lightning super star Steven Stamkos called The Cowhead Show to talk about what it’s like to be a 20 year old millionaire, skating at 2 years old, and the upcoming Lightning season.
STP front man Scott Weiland called The Cowhead Show to talk about how he is NOT on drugs and will definitely be at the concert in Tampa.
Linda Blair in trouble for her "innocent" pit bulls. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person!
Maybe Satan really DID get ahold of Linda Blair during the filming of the Exorcist. Check out how quickly she turns psycho on Cowhead when he brings up pitbulls...
Bret Michaels Called The Cowhead Show to talk about his performance atfter the Rays game, his health, and Busty Cops 3.
Rick Rubin has a past!! Here's his close-up and here is his arrest report. Check out his street address!
You've got to see this video of Joe Perry pushing Steven Tyler off the stage last night in Toronto! Screw you Steven!
After seeing a Lollapalooza recap, Galvin decided he HATED "Matt and Kim".  The instrumental "Cinder" was played and Cowhead decided to write words to the song. Here is the result.
Pat Monahan, lead singer from the band Train, called The Cowhead Show to talk about the Ray's concert, hot chicks, and the use of the word "Faggoty".
Dana White calls in to the Cowhead Show to talk about UFC 117, Crazy-ass James Toney, and Roger Huerta putting a beat down on a suckerpunching street fighter.
Exclusive Interview with Joe Perry of Aerosmith talks to Cowhead about the Aerosmith tour, his health and the issue with Steven Tyler on American Idol.
Limited to ONLY 500, is offering this framed photo of Matt Garza with a piece of used game ball during his and the Rays first ever no-hitter. Click here to get yours.
Former drummer for Lynryd Skynyrd and inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Artimus Pyle was in studio with Cowhead today and he spoke in depth about the plane crash that took the lives of everyone on board, getting shot afterwords and much much more!
Who does these sexy eyes belong to? Crazy 'ol Christine Magnifico!
Oksana Grigorieva's teeth allegedly got knocked out when Mel Gibson hit her. Her dentist claims otherwise but you can check out her snaggletooth looks here.  Her eye got all busted as well! Check it!
The Cowhead Show's resident weirdo Medicine Man did another akwardly uncomfortable celebrity interview... this time he talks to Olivia from The Cosby Show and star of "That's so Raven"... Raven Symone'.

Former boxing champion James "Lights Out" Toney called The Cowhead Show to talk about his first fight in the UFC against Randy Couture at UFC118, his prediction of the fight, and other crazy ramblings.
Spanish turned 23 this past week. Aside from the bottle of Crown he downed throughout the show he also got a lap dance from Tiger Woods' baby mama Devon James.
Proof that Cowhead should be the one to interview Al Pacino when he comes to Ruth Eckerd hall on November 19th.  Here’s Al Pacino and Cowhead from 7-12-10.
Comedian Bobby Lee dropped by to team up with Spanish to take on the BBW's of Plush's "Biggie Nights". The video is on Cowhead TV but here are a few quick sneek peeks before watcing the video.
Ralphie's wife, Lahna Turner has a hilarious new tune out. You gotta listen to this!
UFC President Dana White called The Cowhead Show to talk about the HUGE heavyweight fight for UFC 116... and we tried to get him to admit that Tito Ortiz is a pussy!
UFC fighter Seth Petruzelli called The Cowhead Show to talk about his fight on UFC 116, what color his hair is, and how he'll work "Cowhead" into his after fight remarks.
Here is Vince Neil’s mug shot after being arrested last night on suspicion of DUI.
The very funny David Spade called The Cowhead Show to talk about who he may or may not be banging, why Eddie Murphy hates him, and his new movie "Grown Ups".
The show took a stab at karaoke with local celebrities. Here are the final product of those sessions.
Devon James came into the studio to talk more to Cowhead about everything Tiger Woods and MUCH more. Here is the two part interview.
Adult film actress Devon James, who claims to have a son with Tiger Woods talked exclusivly to The Cowhead Show about her bla-asian son, her mother, and her mother's dislike for black people. What do you think? Check out this pic.
Miss Destructo is trying to be one of MTV's latest personalities but needs your help to be the first ever MTV TJ (Twitter Jockey). Go over to the MTV TJ site and nominate her! You can find out more information on Miss Destructo by checking out "Destructo Deviations".
The Legendary Motor City Mad Man Ted Nugent called The Cowhead Show to talk about America, hunting, rock and roll, and his upcoming show at Ruth Eckard Hall on Wednesday June 30, 2010.
Long time New York Daily News sports writer Bill Madden called The Cowhead Show to discuss his great new book “Steinbrenner – The Last Lion of Baseball”.
Bill Nye the science guy called The Cowhead Show to talk about the oil spill and how to save the world!
Roxanna Shirazi called The Cowhead Show to talk about being slutty, bangin' rock stars, and all the stories about it in her new book "The Last Living Slut".
Awesome! I don’t know how else to describe this video.  Just pure unadulterated awesomeness.
Tampa Bay Lightning super star Vinny Lecavalier called The Cowhead Show to talk about the Lightning’s new coach, his new baby, and getting yelled at in French.
Nobody ever claimed our interns Spanish and Gomez were rocket scientists! Take a look at these pictures they'd probably rather you not see...
Spanish went up against Gomez in the first ever "Intern Paintball Spelling Bee". The penalty for a wrong word was to get shot. Here are the pictures and check out this GREAT audio...

Hayley Williams from the band Paramore "accidentally" posted a topless photo of herself on Twitter. Sucks for for us! Here is the pic.
Former WWE superstar X-Pac dropped by the show and told us about how he tried to hang himself, contracted Hepatitus C and a lot more! Here's the 3 part interview.
Yankee great Bernie Williams called The Cowhead Show from Puerto Rico to talk about how he wound up in the majors after going to a performing arts high school, David Wells metal music in the locker room, and his jazz band performing in Florida. 
Former NY Yankee Hideki Irabu (and according to George Steinbrenner the "Fat Puss Toad") was arrested for drinky drinky too much saki and driving.  Here's a little more info.
Cowhead was with rock royalty when he got to interview Slash before a show in Atlantic City. He took some photos of the show and the interview is posted here.
Cowhead was a guest on the Howard Stern Superfan Round Table on May 21, 2010. Be sure to check it out!
Cowhead took off to New York to see the Late Show with David Letterman. He sat at Dave's desk and hung out with head writers Eric and Justin Stangel. Dave better watch his back!
Cowhead Show Karaoke: Rap Edition  Check it yo!
The Cowhead Show was broadcasting live for a huge Cinco de Mayo Party at the new Green Iguana location on Dale Mabry in Tampa. Here are the first batch of pics and the second.
Christopher Lloyd, better known as "Doc" Emmett Brown from Back to the Future, was in town for a convention and he stopped by the studio.
If you thought Cowhead and Bubba were really mad at each other you were way off! Check out this interview of the two of them tag teaming the Aweome Kong.
Pitbull Toddler's performance at the Wing and Rock Fest in Jacksonville.
These are a few pictures of Cowhead’s new love Layla Kaleigh who joined the show last week.
Wrestling hottie Stacy Carter, formerly “The Kat” from WWE, came in studio to talk about Jerry Lawlers old balls, her new guy “Kizarny”, and their appearance at the new Mugs ‘N Jugs on Sunday April 18th.
Comedian Brian Posehn made a return visit to The Cowhead Show to talk about metal music, his comedy, and his new album “Fart and Wiener Jokes”.
Here is John Brennan before the Cowhead Show...proving that the Cowhead Show makes you sexy…except Dinah!
The great Colin Hay made a return visit to The Cowhead Show and played some music from his new CD "American Sunshine".
"The Goat Boy" Jim Breuer called the Cowhead Show to talk about his appearances in the Tampa Bay area, his upcoming book and he told us how his father thought Saturday Night Live was a "horrible" show.
Governor Jesse Ventura called The Cowhead Show to talk about his new book American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us, conspiracy theories, and a new Predator movie.
They are completely horrible...but in a good way. It's the Cowhead Show Karaoke: Faggy Song Edition!
Todd Bridges called The Cowhead Show to talk about his new book Killing Willis: From Diff'rent Strokes to the Mean Streets to the Life I Always Wanted, doing drugs with Dana Plato, and wether or not he banged Janet Jackson.
Comedy legend Carol Burnett called The Cowhead Show to talk about her new book This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection , Cowhead’s dislike for “Mama’s Family” and Harvey Korman’s “Cousins”.

Dr. David Helfand, professor of astronomy at Columbia University called The Cowhead Show to scare the $h*t out of everyone talking about meteors smashing into the earth and his featured role in National Geographic’s “Known Universe: Cosmic Collisions” television series, starting April 1, 2010.
Star of "Hot Tub Time Machine" Rob Corddry called The Cowhead Show to discuss the movie, John Cusack's Tweets, and how soon he'll be too famous for us
Cheech & Chong stopped by the studio to talk with The Cowhead Show about their comedy tour, jail, their reunion and uh… um…uh something else…. I forget man.
Mr. Skin called The Cowhead Show to give his insight on great nude scenes in movies and the 11th annual Mr. Skin’s “Anatomy Awards”.
Jonathan Louis will be at the Marriott Courtyard on March 4 at 7pm. He is a psychic medium and was on the show talking to people for an hour today. He even connected Cowhead with his Uncle Joe.
Dum Dum Laurie got her new teeth! We think she looks like legendary drummer Buddy Rich. Check it out here.
WWE super star and “Fozzy” lead singer Chris Jericho stopped by The Cowhead Show to talk about rockin out, getting arrested, and makes a BIG wrestling announcement.

Snow on the Ground… Bullet in your Face....

Someone pranked a Christian TV show by emailing biographies of the "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" and Luke Skywalker, but passing them off as true stories. Here's that video

The official soundtrack to the upcomi ng "Iron Man 2" movie will feature 15 AC/DC classics. The album, "AC/DC: Iron Man 2", will be released on April 19th. A new video for "Shoot To Thrill" complete with "Iron Man" footage was recently released.
NASCAR great Michael Waltrip took some time out to call the Cowhead Show. Check out the interview here.
The rock icon Ozzy Osbourne calls into the Cowhead Show to talk about his new book and Cowhead gets called an asshole in the process. Good 'ol Ozzy!
We first talked about the resemblance between Glendale and Warren Zevon in February 2009. Here's a closer look...
Medicine Man has pissed off another celebrity! This time it was Carnie Wilson who hung up on him. Here's the interview 
NASCAR driver and Daytona 500 winner Matt Kenseth called The Cowhead Show to talk football, hokey and...oh yeah! Some racing too
Comedian and star of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, Daniel Tosh called The Cowhead Show to talk about the new season and his very own radio redemption.
The new Cowhead TV show already has a big buzz in the Tampa Bay area and is also making national headlines. Check out a few of the stories.
If you missed the Cowhead Show Christmas Party at the RoundUp you missed a lot! We have the photos and this weird video of Love Tiger doing what he calls dancing.
  Galvin and John's was decent. Cowhead's was....different. Dinah massacred it. It's the Christmas version of Cowhead Show Karaoke!
We love it when Mr. Skin calls the show and the most recent call is no different! Check out the Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2009
Man vs Toddler Only one can win....and it may not end up like you think...
The Tampa Bay Breeze dropped by the studio to promote their upcoming season. You can drool over those pictures in the photo gallery.

Former drummer of bands Saigon Kick and Skid Row called into the show for a lengthy interview about his sexual addiction, life on the road and "Dr Drew Celebrity Rehab". Check out the interview here.
Black Friday is typically known for full shopping malls and great deals of gifts. Not to the Cowhead Show! Check out OUR Black Friday!
Comedian April Macie was our latest to be put on the "Cowhead Show Dating Game". Congrats to Matt who ended up winning a date with April. Here are a few of those pics.
Comedian Tom Arnold will be in town over the weekend and Cow spoke to him about his drug use, marriage and David Wells. Check it out here.
Hot chicks playing dress up are chicks playing dress up while falling....even better...
Marion Ross, better known as Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days, called in to the show!
What in the hell happened to Sammy Sosa?
Bon Jovi is coming to town and we had some ladies come in to play Bon Jovi Strip Trivia. Needless to say, the knew NOTHING. Here are the pictures.
Warlock Melissa wanted some Bon Jovi tickets so we made her play Homo Chicken....but she got carried away.
Cowheads Halloween Spooktacular brought in all of the show weirdos including Tongueless Brett, Dum Dum Laurie and Dum Dumm Garfunkle, Medicine Man, Lloyd Christmas, N4, Warlock Laurie and Diggler the Midget! What a day! Here are the pictures.
Michael Johns from American Idol made a return visit to The Cowhead Show and jammed on The Flys “Got You Where I Want You”. Here are the pictures and here is the audio.
Dum Dum Laurie and Medicine Man were in studio for a spelling bee and a race downstairs. Medicine Man won. Here are the photos and the video.
Midgets from James Joyce Irish Pub came to the studio to battle it out in an epic joust! Here's a few pictures.
Mr. Skin called in to the Cowhead Show to go over his top 10 Horror movie nude scenes. Here's the video.
Smokey Robinson called The Cowhead Show to talk about, Michael Jackson, Dianna Ross, what Medicine Man does on his weekends, and his show "Smokey Robison Tribute on Ice" at the St. Pete Times Forum Nov 11th. Here's the interview
Meet the new tard in the stable... Dum Dum Laurie.
Remember Lindsey Lohan when so was really friggin hot? What a difference 5 years makes huh?
Shane Carwin called The Cowhead Show to talk about his upcoming fight with Brock Lesnar at UFC 106 for the heavy weight championship and how he tried to shoot down balloon boy.
Suzanne Somers "Chrissy" from Three's Company cures cancer. Check out the interview here.
Emeril Lagasse called The Cowhead Show to talk about his new book. Check out the interview here.
Perfect game pitcher and TBS Baseball commentator David Wells called The Cowhead Show from The TBS set during the Rockies - Phillies game to talk baseball and how he would sneak in a Cowhead reference during the series. Check it out below.
Victoria Gotti called Cow to speak to him about her new book, "This Family Of Mine". Check it out in our interview area.
An old fashioned slap off in studio turned out to involve the first guy ever to get knocked out in the studio as well!
Chuck Liddell was confronted by Cowhead for making him watch one of the faggiest shows on TV...Dancing With The Stars. Here's the interview.
Medicine Man interviews 95 year old Fitness Expert Jack LaLanne….until he gets hung up on!
Check out some shots taken of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson on the set of the new film version of "The A-Team" also starring Liam Neeson and Brad Cooper.
A black chick falls while trying out for the new season of So You Think You Can Dance and she shows the world her beaver for a second. The Cowhead Show has the screenshots!

The most vile man in America Tucker Max the author of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” called The Cowhead Show to talk about the movie version and his new idea for x-ray porn. Here's the interview.

The legendary rocker Alice Cooper called The Cowhead Show to promote his show at and to talk about golf, Groucho, and dead bodies in his childhood home.
Mr. Skin from called The Cowhead Show to give his weekly dose of his “Skinformation”.
Check out KISS performing an incredibly rare live performance of an 80's classic hit! Video
Legendary actor who starred in too many great films to mention as well as the voice of the Lowe's commercials, Gene Hackman called into the show.
On Friday, The Cowhead Show make football picks for Sunday's games. On Monday, the person with the most victories punches everyone else. Check out Week One of Football Punches.
Mitch Fatel called The Cowhead Show to talk about his new Comedy Central special “Mitch Fatel is Magical” premiering September 18th 2009 at 11pm est. and to talk about using beads on April Macie’s butt. Here's the whole interview.
Jack Russell from Great White was scheduled to call the show but he canceled. We rescheduled for Friday and he missed it again. Here's what happened when he finally got through. To make it more interesting, Cowhead also spoke with the publicist of Great White.
Check out WWE Superstar Chris Jericho's band Fozzy and their new tune "Martyr No More".
Joe Perry of Aerosmith came in to the studio to talk with Cowhead about his new solo project "Have Guitar Will Travel."
Photos | Interview
Barrett Ruud of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers calls Cowhead to talk about football...and having a white man's penis in a locker room full of black guys. Here's the interview.
UFC announcer Mike Goldberg calls The Cowhead Show to talk about his new show Shaq VS, the UFC, and his hot asian wife.

Dave Mishkin, the radio voice of the Lightning, called into The Cowhead Show to talk Lightning playoffs and Screaming while making sweet love to his wife!

The Cowhead Show


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